In-House Design and Mold-Making

Sle-Co’s in-house design, tooling and automation utilize state of the art software, systems and equipment. Our fully licensed team members are staffed to support a 24/7 operation. We use our resources to specialize in tool and mold repair, engineering changes, custom machining, fitting, assembly and to build completely new molds. Lights out electrode creation, EDM burning and CNC machining add to the efficiency of our on-site tooling facility.

Our Competitive Edge

Sle-Co uses precision equipment to maintain our competitive edge in advanced tool design. By employing our “know-how” on-site, Sle-Co ensures our customers’ experience and intellectual property are kept in-house.

Our internal tooling tracking process ensures products are consistently produced according to strict specifications, tool wear is minimized and tool breakage is virtually eliminated.


Advanced Tooling

The success of Sle-Co production processes starts with the design and manufacture of high quality precision tooling. Sle-Co uses the latest industry approved 3D CAD software for tool and part design. This enables a design to be “tested” in a virtual sense before expensive tool manufacturing begins.

The tool support department within Sle-Co ensures all tools are continually maintained to the highest standards. It also provides the opportunity for minor repairs to be carried out immediately, thereby reducing downtime.