Sle-Co Motorsports

The same passion that drives Sle-Co’s manufacturing business is passed through into Sle-Co Motorsports. We believe in working hard and playing hard. We work tirelessly in the pursuit of competition.

Racing requires precision, a love for engineering and mechanics, and it also happens to provide a nice adrenaline rush. So it’s no wonder that Sle-Co has a passion for it. Racing, like much else, comes down to the process and the math. There is an optimal path around a racetrack, a geometric arc of least resistance. It is the driver’s job to find this sweet spot of physics and stick to it, lap after lap, as consistently as a molding machine making new parts.


But there’s more to a racing hobby than a just a love for the sport, in a trend that is becoming increasingly popular, we see groups from all facets of business coming together. Teams show up with a common goal and a fair share of on track competiveness. But at the end it brings an opportunity to discuss the day, your successes and your failures on the track which is a breeding ground for new ideas.

It is becoming a way for company employees to bond over something other than just the work we do. When you see that Sle-Co branded truck launching over a ramp, the trail of dirt in the air, roar of the engine, you feel a certain surge of pride for the Company and that you are part of the Team.