Innovation and Technology

Through continuous improvement, multi-disciplined teamwork and brainstorming, Sle-Co Manufacturing has developed many innovative strategies to improve quality, productivity and cost competitiveness. Vision control systems are in place at each injection machine to ensure product quality. An innovative and unique database system has been developed to label, track and trace, all raw materials right through to finished goods. Production and process status is captured in real time though full machine monitoring.


Sle-Co Manufacturing has developed a unique vision system to check molded parts for defects before they are ever released by our end of arm tooling. The vision system can detect a defect and reject the product before it ever gets to an operator or a packaging container. The information is kept for the life of the program, so that if there is ever a failure, it can be traced back to see how the product was running in order to determine how and where in the process a failure was produced. The system is also tied into real time scrap recording of our Production Monitoring System.

Sle-Co Manufacturing has also developed an innovative in-house designed post-molded brushing insert process. With inputs from all stages of tooling, engineering, and manufacturing, we were able to design a low cost system to add a brass compression limiter to a glass filled plastic part. The brushing insert process functions in line with the vision system and products that do not meet customer specifications are rejected and never make it to the packaging container.



Sle-Co has also implemented real time process monitoring and live scrap recording, which is also tied into our vision system. With the implementation of full machine monitoring it gives us proactive quality management and improved equipment and plant performance that begins with accurate real-time information. With reliable data at our fingertips, we have the tools needed to integrate the business function of manufacturing, sales, customer service, maintenance and finance.

Our goal is to find ways to get more out of our existing resources. Lean manufacturing has given Sle-Co reduced lead times and decreased scrap. This system has helped Sle-Co eliminate downtime and maintain accurate inventories while improving our scheduling performance.